Pressi Grind is an engineering company specializing in grinding services. Our vast experience includes solving complex engineering problems.

We grind a wide range of components from every industrial sector in South Africa, such as power generation, petrochemical, printing and packaging, aerospace, military, paper and pulp, mining, ceramic and supporting industries.

Our expertise in components includes pumps, shafts, spindles, pistons, sleeves, impellers, rods and many more. We can grind various materials and even very hard surfaces such as tungsten-coated substrates.

We regularly grind coated components such as thermal spray coated, hard chromed or nickel-plated items. 

We understand working with heat-treated materials such as nitride or hardened materials. We consistently deliver the highest quality finished surfaces within specified tolerances of engineering drawings.


Our vast experience and dependable network of partner engineering companies enables us to offer a one-stop engineering service.

We manage the complete life cycle of a component, from manufacturing to refurbishment.

This modulus incudes services such as:

  • Machining;
  • Turning,
  • Coatings (hard chrome, thermal spray etc.),
  • Heat treatment; and
  • Plating services.


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